Quahog Life Sciences

Based on the principles of “Predict, Maintain and Repair”, Quahog Life Sciences primary objective is to implement extension programs. By monitoring body performance constantly we can predict risks, and when found, administer maintenance measures and introduce fall-back repair plans, in case the risk is unmanageable.

Decision Platform

Decision Platform serves synthesized patient data (Patient Stack), helping patients measure and monitor health periodically along with helping doctors diagnose and predict diseases with high accuracy


Quahog is developing advanced nanomedical diagnostic devices and longevity related therapeutic strategies for repair and rejuvenating cellular processes. Our nano initiatives include targeted super paramagnetic nano particles for therapeutic hyperthermia and targeted delivery of unique enzymes for lipofuscin degradation.

About Quahoglife

Quahog Life Sciences is a startup in the space of medical and healthcare solutions with a strong focus on troubleshooting cellular errors and delivering accurate decisions. With a vision to extend life expectancy beyond what is possible with today’s medical expertise, our Mission is to use cutting edge data analytics to constantly monitor body performance in order to Predict, Maintain and Repair.


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